Ultracardiac Ltd have built a strong reputation as a trusted, quality provider of echocardiography and diagnostic services to a wide range of NHS and Private Healthcare Organisations across the Southwest.


How can we support your organisation?

We have built long-term relationships with NHS Trusts and iCBs across Devon & Cornwall and have been a trusted provider for almost 7 years now. We understand the pressures that acute centres and primary care are under, and we offer solutions for outpatient diagnostic testing that is accessible, of outstanding quality, and is tailored specifically the developing needs of the organisations that we work with.

We have a very experienced and established team across many locations in the region, and this allows us to see patients closer to home more quickly for tests that do not need to be completed in an acute setting.  Our patient feedback scores us at 9.9/10 on average, and we believe this to truly be a credit of the culture our team embraces of patient-focused care.

Our specialism has been echocardiography, and we have seen over 80,000 patients for appointments since opening our first clinic in 2017. Since then, we have grown to a team of more than 20 and have expanded our service provision to include 12-Lead ECG, Holter Monitoring and Ambulatory BP Monitoring too.

Sitting on our board of directors, imaging-specialist consultant cardiologist Dr Morgan-Hughes acts as our Consultant Cardiologist Clinical Lead and has helped us to establish a service that is of the highest quality, with industry-firsts such as 100% Peer Review on all echocardiogram studies.

Our administration team run our referrals and appointments processes end-to-end, contacting all patients with an appointment in a matter of days, and then calling all of our patients a day or two before they are due to see us to remind them of the appointment, answer any questions they may have and ensure that they are prepared for the test they will be seeing us for. As a result of their hard work, we maintain a DNA rate of less than 4% and overall capacity utilisation of over 95%.

We also work with key private providers across the region such as Ramsay Health and the Nuffield to deliver outpatient diagnostics quickly and in a way that is affordable. We are recognised by most major private insurance companies and can tailor our services to the needs of your organisation.

We currently cover pathways such as:

  • GP Direct Access across multiple regions
  • Secondary care outpatient referrals, for 2WW, Urgent, Planned and Routine referral types
  • Consultant-Lead Clinics in collaboration with University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust where 20-25 patients are seen for an echocardiogram, ECG and consultation in a One-Stop-Shop clinic in a single day
  • Delivering services from Community Diagnostic Centres
  • Private clinics being ran by Ultracardiac from other private hospitals in a location that is familiar to patients

We aim to work collaboratively with our partners and ensure that we are delivering services that form part of your long-term vision and strategy for diagnostics and offer a solution that is more robust and cost-effective than long-term dependencies on Locum Staff. We offer a percentage discount against NHS Tariff that is dependent on the volume of activity required to ensure that the NHS is receiving value for its money, and in acknowledgement of the growing pressures that departments are under across the country.

As an organisation we are growing in terms of service provision and geography and are open to discussing with healthcare organisations how we may be able to support them with their diagnostic needs. Contact us today for a discussion and further information on how Ultracardiac Ltd can support your organisation with cost-effective, quality and bespoke diagnostic services.