Cardiology Advice Package

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Ultracardiac offer a consultation package with our imaging-specialist consultant cardiologist. With this option, you will visit us for an echocardiogram (heart scan) and ECG, which is then followed up with a telephone consultation with our consultant cardiologist. During this conversation, they will be able to interpret the results within the context of your medical history and lifestyle.

Cardiology Advice Package

Cardiology Advice Package

Cardiology Advice Package

Our imaging-specialist consultant cardiologist supports our echo service and can provide his specialist insight for the private services we offer at Ultracardiac.

For this package, you will visit one of our clinics across Devon & Cornwall and have a full echocardiogram and ECG performed by an experienced echocardiographer. This helps us to assess both the structure and function of your heart, as well as its rhythm and electrical activity.

After these tests have been completed, you will have a telephone consultation with our consultant cardiologist where you will discuss the results and findings, as well as any symptoms you’ve had, your medical history and some questions about your lifestyle.

Our consultant will then write a letter to you and your GP surgery summarising the tests and any onward recommendations specific from what has been investigated. This is a fantastic way to access expert advice from a prominent cardiologist without lengthy waiting lists or ongoing commitment. You aren’t required to have a GP referral in order to arrange a Cardiology Advice Package with Ultracardiac.

If you have any questions or queries, or would like to enquire about booking a Cardiology Advice Package with us, please contact a member of our friendly team who will be glad to assist you.

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