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A wearable, portable device that provides a continuous ECG, which is analysed to form a Holter Report. These look at rhythm and electrical activity over an extended period of time.

Holter Monitors

Holter Monitors

Holter Monitors

A Holter Monitor, also often called ambulatory ECG monitoring, is a small, portable device that sticks onto your chest for a period of time – anything from 24hours to 7 days. This records your heart’s rhythm and electrical activity for however long you are wearing it for, and the results are then analysed by experienced cardiac analyst.

Why would you need a Holter Monitor?

  • To help diagnose arrythmias, such as atrial fibrillation (AF)
  • Help understand the cause of palpitations
  • To help diagnose the cause of intermittent symptoms such as dizziness or shortness of breath

What should you expect from a Holter Monitor appointment?

When you arrive, you will need to undress your top half of clothing, and we will prepare your skin for the monitor to be fitted. This may mean wiping off any creams or shaving a small area on your chest. The monitor will be stuck on, and we will talk you through the pack that comes with the device.

You will have an Activity Diary to record any symptoms, any exercise carried out, or times where you’ve removed the device. You will also be given some spare electrodes (sticky pads) to refit the device if it becomes loose whilst you’re wearing the monitor. Once the timeframe has finished, you will be able to send the device back to us in a prepaid envelope for analysis.

We can offer devices for the below timeframes:

24 Hours - £120

48 Hours - £140

72 Hours - £160

5 Days - £190

7 Days - £210

The results are analysed once the device has been received back, and your results are usually available within 5 working days. There is a priority analysis service should you need them sooner than this, for which there is a surcharge.

If you have any questions about our Holter Monitoring service, then please contact a member of the team who will be glad to help.

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